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Programmer's Corner

This page contains links to third party libraries, book publishers and other resources that may be useful in your day to day programming. There is a decided slant towards C/C++ as this is my language of choice.  I also keep a download page that you may want to visit.

At the office I use mostly Borland's development tools, in particular Borland C++ 5.01, for my projects (and C++ Builder whenever I get a chance). We write mainly for Windows and we deal mostly with Oracle and Paradox tables. I've also programmed in other languages over the course of my career (academic and real world), including Delphi/Pascal, Basic, Clipper, Clarion and Fortran. I hope to start some Unix programming at some point, since I have Linux loaded up on my PC. And of course there's Java too.


[Inprise] [Borland]

Links to 3rd party library developers:

[Software Science]

Book and Journal Related Sites:


For help stamping out bugs:


Borland C++ Builder Resources And Tools:

Borland C++ Resources And Tools:

Borland Delphi Resources And Tools:

Java Resources And Tools:

Misc. Resources And Tools:


Linux Related Links:

[Linux Resources] [Linux] [Freshmeat] [The Linux Counter]

Other Operating Systems Related Links:

[FreeBSD] [BeOS]


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